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Users store files on a secure platform

Hosts get paid for sharing spare storage and processing power

AI keeps transactions efficient, boosting performance and uptime


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Access fast, secure storage that resides on a permissionless network.

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Secured by military-grade encryption.

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The Iagon solution is compatible with other cloud solutions.

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Earn revenue from unused storage and processing power on your PC, server or data center. Set up the app easily and start earning right away.

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“Iagon ‘s technology is truly disruptive for the Healthcare Industry – where patient data is growing rapidly. The digital health economy needs innovative solutions to securely manage data volumes for the long-term, especially to enable machine learning and artificial intelligence. ”

Vince Caruso

President, FMW Media Works Corp

“Winjt has been a Strategic IT vendor to Iagon since 2017. We are working closely on the idea to design and build highly secure data storage systems. Winjits premium products IoTSense, PredictSense are adding value to Iagons’ goals, along with the Technology capabilities in Emerging Tech of AI and ML.”

Vignesh Iyer

Global Vice President, Winjit

“We are very interested in the work of Iagon for their pioneering and patented technologies for data security. We would be delighted to work with Iagon team to develop AI application user authentication and authorization for data access. This can potentially use blockchain technology.”

Bhupinder Bhullar

CEO/Co-founder, Swiss Vault

“Privacy and data protection are core areas of our practice including ensuring compliance with applicable frameworks for our clients in telecoms, public sector, and intelligence communities. We have extensive experience in big data and AI driven projects in high-compliance environments which allows us to highly support Iagons’ solution. ”

Harald Martinsen

Managing Director, Septer AS

“Panxora Digital Ventures has a mandate to invest in blockchain projects with a high probability of success. We invest at a very early stage. We are very impressed with Iagons’ proposal to design and build highly secure data storage systems. ”

Marcie Terman

Chief Operating Officer, Panxora Management Corporation

“ VRINN focuses on “immersive learning” – how to use “immersive” technologies like VR and AR in healthcare, learning, training education and knowledge transfer in general. We encourage cross learning and innovation, and lagon fits well into the VRINN strategy and field of interest. ”

Håvard Røste,

Cluster Manager, VRINN Business Cluster – part of Business Region Hamar,Norway

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