Since computing runs our civilization, we believe it’s fair
if it belonged to, well, everyone.

Computing by for serving the people

We are helping the Cloud run on any and every connected device.

And affordable, accessible and private cloud that belongs to no one and everyone. Just like air and water.

Feeding a
data-hungry world

The future will need more computing power than ever. We’re creating the infrastructure to power humanity’s next wave of wonders.

New Devices

Paving the road to the coming onslaught of IoT sensors, medical devices, industry 4.0, smart homes, cars and more.

New Technologies

Giving AI, Big Data and other transformative technologies the tremendous amounts of storage and power they need.

New Challenges

Unlimited horsepower to tackle climate change, disaster relief, smart cities, fundamental research and more.

Reclaiming our privacy

Where there’s centralization, there’s control.
Our democratic model whisks away power
from Big Tech cloud operators and gives
privacy back to the people.


A dentist and a data
scientist walk into a bar

How a health professional’s quest for secure medical records led to a global democratic supercomputer.

As Bitcoin enthusiasts wondered whether the new coin would ever graduate from its novelty status, a picturesque town in Norway found Dr Navjit worrying about the growing security vulnerabilities of global medical data.

Oh, and flossing, of course.

He had been researching the game-changing potential of blockchain for a while when he met Elad Harison, also a Doctor, but one operating at the intersection of economics and artificial intelligence. Soon enough, the duo of blockchain enthusiasts teamed up and decided to secure not only medical records, but every type of data there was.

Iagon was born: a cloud service built for everyone, with the
tamper-proof security of decentralization etched into its very core.


Dr Navjit Dhaliwal


Dr Elad Harison


Dr Claudio Lima

Director of Technology

Dr Rohit Gupta